‘’To serve and facilitate so that clients are empowered to exceed their goals.’’ 

SBSC’s Operational Matrix is used to safeguard clients from the chaos of sudden staffing changes. This program records employee responsibilities, job training, security logins, and other high-level overviews. Clients can evaluate current employee responsibilities, redistribute workloads, quickly train new hires, and minimize downtime in the event of a sudden change in staffing.


The operational matrix provides a high-level overview of the entire organization. This system documents every function and activity routinely conducted throughout the course of the year. The matrix is broken down into categories and provides appropriately limited access to authorized individuals within the client’s company, balancing ease of use and security concerns.

Every task within the matrix has a complete job instruction packet assigned to it. Step by step instructions, pictures, videos, usernames, and passwords are all documented for easy reference or training purposes. The client’s matrix is audited annually to ensure the information is relevant, up to date and accurate. 

The matrix houses a database of the client’s employees. Each task within the matrix has the appropriate list of individuals assigned to it. Deadlines, frequency indicators and reminders can also be added to each task. This allows management to evaluate individual employee’s workloads, performance abilities and easily redistribute responsibilities as necessary.


Data breaches, hackings, fires, power surges, and other disastrous events?

SBSCs has specific risk management, disaster recovery, and contingency planning procedures in place. Our servers are housed in a secure, protected location in a facility with redundancies to protect clients’ data.

We’re a small company with only 7-10 employees. Why would we ever need this?

Frankly, in smaller organizations employees carry larger percentages of the workload. Therefore, if any one employee was suddenly gone, their absence is that much more chaotic. By documenting every task, the matrix protects clients against such disasters.

Is it worth spending all the time and money on documenting everything?

The matrix offers valuable services to organizations of all sizes. Clients can evaluate the flow of work within their organization, monitor deadlines, train new employees, and mitigate risk. Better information leads to better decision making. Additionally, in the event of a disaster, the matrix is an operations manual used to get the company back online.


Mitigate Risk

Interruption of business operations equate to lost revenue, competitive vulnerability, and bad publicity. Even so, the expenses continue to incur, and contracts wait to be fulfilled. The Matrix is the manual clients rely on to get their companies back online.

Workload Assessments

The Matrix allows owners and leaders to evaluate workloads per employee in preparation for annual reviews, creating a new position, or simply evaluating employee performance. 

Training Resource

Start your new employees off right and, make sure they are not being taught bad habits from seasoned coworkers. The Matrix can be used as a foundational training piece for the newest team members.


No one ever wants to pay for insurance, but no one ever wants to be caught without it. Organizations are no exception. Rarely does anyone ever classify the overachieving employee as an underlying liability, until they have walked off the job. No one has ever planned for an office manager to have a stroke and die. Still, these events are relatively commonplace and the upheaval they create can be devastating. Careful planning for these eventualities is a prudent decision and will reap dividends in the future.