Kaizens are a simplistic approach to solving business operational challenges. Kaizen is a Japanese word that means “good change.” The methodology is credited with helping the Japanese auto industry recover and outpace the competition following World War II. Organizations that embrace it can reduce errors and defects, speed up production, deliver more customer value, and improve employee satisfaction.

We lead, trained, facilitated events for CI improvement processes, providing support through utilization of Lean tools: Value Stream Mapping, 5S, Spaghetti Diagram, Takt Time analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Setup Reduction, Visual Workplace, Training within Industry standards.

Develop process improvement initiatives (e.g., supplier business processes and practices) in order to benefit the CCR system and Customers by directing supply chain activities, involving external suppliers, functional peers, customer teams and/or crossfunctional teams

Review facility capability and environment (e.g., technology, systems, quality, cost, efficiencies, yield, Warehousing & Distribution) in order to recommend process improvements.

Provide direction, leadership and coaching to members of a project team you are leading.

Lead the development of a programmatic approach to teach people to use the Lean Management System and implement the program achieving quantifiable results

Acts as a principal change agent and the champion of activities promoting a culture of continuous improvement, quality focus, transparency, and accountability

Develops, implements, and manages activities that drive continuous improvement of manufacturing effectiveness, quality, delivery, and cost relative to ProductiontoPlan

Researches systems and processes, and identifies and develops analysis and recommendations to implement tools, processes, and infrastructures to achieve best practices and efficiencies