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‘’Empowering Clients to exceed their goals.’’ 

The “In-Depth Financial Analysis Program” is a 24-month program designed to aid clients in financial literacy, building profitable business habits, making critical decisions, and identifying growth areas. Upon their completion, clients will have a tremendous edge over industry competitors.


Step 1: Each month clients submit their year-to-date financial statements. These documents include the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, and Cash Flow Statement. The IFAP generates its analysis from the information on these statements. Clients can mail, email or submitted documents through SBSC’s secure online portal.

Step 2: Client’s meetings are standardized to a specific day and time of the month (i.e., the first Monday of each month at 7:00am.) Each meeting lasts for 45min and consists of an in-depth review of the IFAP Analysis, current financial statements, broad industry evaluation, and client’s historical performance. Discussion will also center around the client’s goals, areas of improvement, and strategies for growth.

Step 3: In the beginning, each client’s financial literacy is evaluated, and the program’s syllabus is tailored to meet their needs. As the program progresses clients are introduced to new concepts and components of financial education. The program strives to produce financially savvy and confident business owners.