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‘’To serve and facilitate so that clients are empowered to exceed their goals.’’ 

Kaizens are a series of meetings with the owners and operators of a process in order to improve a targeted production problem.
Kaizens will expose manufacturing challenges, waste, quality issues, and inefficiencies. Through open input and brainstorming, the Kaizen team will generate solutions to resolve the production problem.


IDENTIFY: Kaizens start by isolating a process in need of improvement. Bottlenecks, defects, delays, and downtime are indicators for areas of improvement. The Kaizen facilitator then selects the most qualified individuals to contribute to this process.

PLAN: After the problem has been clarified and analyzed, the Kaizen team brainstorms improvement ideas. Ultimately, they will select the optimal solution, and devise a fulfillment strategy.

IMPLEMENT: Kaizen team members are responsible for rolling out the new plan and addressing associated complications. Several meetings may be necessary to ensure the success of the team’s strategy.

EVALUATE: In a follow up meeting the team’s results will be carefully compared to the operation’s original data. The team will evaluate their solution and determine whether it was indeed a success.