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‘’To serve and facilitate so that clients are empowered to exceed their goals.’’ 

The time study is a standardized process of directly observing and measuring a client’s internal work operations. When properly undertaken, the time study involves the use of specific control mechanisms to ensure that all aspects of the job have been properly documented and measured. Our time studies are recorded by an analyst’s documentation, time tracking, and video documentation. We monitor several cycles of the client’s operation to increase the study’s overall accuracy.


Step 1: Our time studies begin by simply observing the client’s process. Analysts observe how the product takes shape, how the workers move from one step to the next, and how all the various parts fit together to create the manufacturing process.

Step 2: The analyst will review the operation with the client. As they discuss each element, the analyst identifies the opportunities and limitations of the process: machine speeds and the impacts on tool life or product quality, reducing cycle times through re-tooling, spatial and ergonomic scenarios, equipment performance, and operation safety.

Step 3: Ultimately the analyst will evaluate the human ergonomics of the process: physiology and Anthropometry, fatigue assessments, industrial hygiene, the control and retrieval of information, and the overall process design.