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Small Business Services Company defines itself as an operations management firm. SBSC supports and advises clients across Minnesota and the Dakotas in general operations management and ongoing continuous improvement projects. We take pride in being a full-service advisement firm offering technical solutions, concept development, implementation, and the rigorous evaluation of our results. SBSC specializes in the production manufacturing and construction trade sectors. The organizations we work with are small to mid-size firms, typically fewer than 100 employees or $50 million in annual revenue.

Who We are:

Chris and his granddaughter Layla

“Empowering clients to exceed their goals.” This statement drives every decision we make at SBSC. We are in the business of solving problems and building solutions. This has led us to offer such services as app and web development, IT support, graphic design, time studies, and continuous improvement programs. Our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of the client’s organization. We refuse to take a “One size fit all” approach with business products and services.

Our years of field experience and practical knowledge of our client’s industries distinguishes SBSC from other IT and technology firms. Unlike traditional business consultants, clients can expect SBSC to play an integral role throughout the entire course of their project. Proper implementation and change management will ensure the success of our customer’s investment. Our goal is to develop the client’s success and profitability through methodically planned and executed changes.

Small Business Services Company offers our clients tools and solutions to help regain control of their companies. We partner with business owners to build order out of chaos. SBSC will work side by side with you to find, build and implement long term profitable solutions for your unique problems. To learn more about the services we provide in both manufacturing and construction, click the links below.

Meet the owner:

Chris grew up in the Lakes Area and in 2005 began studying Lean Manufacturing. After 10 years in industrial manufacturing, he had passed his Bronze Level exam through the Shingo Prize Institute, redesigned several production processes, and led numerous technology upgrades. Since then, Chris has focused on introducing Lean principles to clients in the agricultural, and construction trade industries.

At the same time, Chris also pursued his formal education, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Rasmussen College of Fargo. Ultimately, he received his MBA from Benedictine University in 2016. Currently, Chris lives in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota with his wife and four children. He sat on the board of directors for the Becker County Economic Development Authority and the county’s Housing Authority for six years. He served as the board president until the end of his term in 2020.

Chris Sherman – Principal Owner
We empower clients to exceed their goals.